Since its establishment in 1999, FutureChem has led the radiopharmaceuticals industry through research and development. FutureChem is the global forerunner in the production of radiopharmaceutical precursors and compounds, development of remarkable radiopharmaceuticals, and worldwide commercialization of new medicine.

With our proprietary technology, FutureChem commercialized [18F]FP-CIT (PDVUE®), the world’s first diagnostic medicine for Parkinson’s Disease.

We are the makers of [18F]Florapronol (Alzavue®), the first diagnostic medicine for Alzheimer's Disease in Korea. Since the export of Alzavue® to Turkey in 2018, FutureChem aims to expand our market throughout the world. Pushing ever forward, FutureChem now develops medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer with clinical tests underway with globally-renowned partners.

Together with FutureChem Healthcare and SI Healthcare, the FutureChem network is solidified as the only manufacturer and distributor of PET radiopharmaceuticals to possess 5 cyclotrons in Korea.

My transparent management has been made evident for our shareholders as FutureChem joined KOSDAQ in December 2016. The exceptional research performance of FutureChem would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of our customers and steadfast partners.

FutureChem is like an airplane entering the runway to take off and soar high. We have strived to develop competitive technologies and innovative products and explored both domestic and overseas markets with a mission to grow the company into a world-class enterprise in the area of radiopharmaceuticals, so that we may contribute to the making of a healthy and happy society, especially protecting the health of patients.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for the development of FutureChem.


Dae Yoon Chi (Chief Executive Officer)