FutureChem and Moltek Signed Exclusive License Agreement for FC303 in Turkey and MENA Region
  • Date2021/12/27 14:44
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FutureChem and Moltek Signed Exclusive License Agreement  for FC303 in Turkey and MENA Region
SEOUL, KOREA – December 27, 2021

FutureChem Co., Ltd. (“FutureChem”), a leading Korean radiopharmaceutical company developing innovative medicines and imaging analysis technology for targeting and treating cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and Moltek Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş (“Moltek”), a pioneer of nuclear medicine in Turkey, today announced an exclusive agreement to develop and commercialize FC303 in Turkey and MENA region. FC303 is FutureChem’s PSMA-targeted small molecule PET/CT imaging agent designed to visualize prostate cancer currently in Phase 3 development in Europe and South Korea.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Moltek will receive an exclusive license to develop and commercialize FC303 in Turkey and MENA region. Moltek will be responsible for the development, regulatory approvals and commercialization of FC303 in the covered territory. FutureChem is entitled to upfront fee, milestones and royalties on net sales of FC303.

“Moltek is a pioneer of nuclear medicine in Turkey since 2007 and an ideal partner for FC303, with the infrastructure, commercial footprint and experience in prostate cancer to position FC303 for success in Turkey and MENA region,” stated Dae Yoon Chi, CEO of FutureChem.

“Improving access for cancer patients to state of the art imaging agents is a core objective for Moltek and we are delighted to be able to leverage our strong capabilities in PET tracer development and manufacturing together with FutureChem to help achieve this goal.  With FC303, which will be produced on our PET cyclotrons and our best-in-class Gallium-68 radio pharmacy platform, Moltek will now start to ensure that all prostate cancer patients are provided with the gold standard imaging agents that meet their needs for a timely and accurate diagnosis.” stated Kadir Özsu, CEO of Moltek. 

About FC303 for PET Imaging of Prostate Cancer
FC303 (also known as F-18 Florastamin) is a fluorinated PSMA-targeted Positron Emission Tomography (“PET”) imaging agent that enables visualization of both bone and soft tissue metastases to determine the presence or absence of recurrent and/or metastatic prostate cancer.

About FutureChem Co., Ltd
FutureChem was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company offers to R&D, production and distribution of innovative radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosing cancers, and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's diseases as well as treating cancers; and automation modules and disposable goods, such as disposable cassettes, reagent kits, and radio-caps. It also provides peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals for radio-metal chelation and click reaction; linkers for bio-conjugation using copper-free/mediated click reaction; fluorinated compounds; and custom synthesis services including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-produced drugs for clinical trials, as well as develops and produces PET and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) precursors and chemicals for radiopharmaceuticals.

About Moltek Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş
Moltek established in 2007 and started radiopharmaceuticals manufacturing in 2009. Fully GMP compliant manufacturing facility is in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone Technopark with an area of 2,700m2 and producing radiopharmaceuticals with 3 Cyclotrons and 8 Radiosynthesis units (6 in production). Moltek is the first company in Turkey who got the FDG marketing authorization in CTD format. Moltek is a professional, dynamic, and fast-growing company. While it is manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals locally, it is also representing global leading companies in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iraq. Moltek is the well-known company in the region for Nuclear Medicine turn-key projects. 150 employees in Production, Q&C, R&D, Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Affair. Average 100 doses / production and capacity is up to 500 doses per day. It is also one of the leading Companies that is working on Turkish Theranostic Market.

Contact FutureChem: Eric Cheon
Email: jinyoung.cheon@futurechem.co.kr
Tel: +82 2 497 3115