• FC-8802
  • ManNAz
Cat. No. Packing Size 가격 (Won) 수량
FC-8802-0010 10 mg 60,000
FC-8802-0100 100 mg 359,000
Synonyms N-Azidoacetylmannosamine
CAS number 361154-23-6
M.F. C8H14N4O6
Mol. Wt. 262.22
Appearance Pale yellow solid
Purity > 95.0%
Certificate 1H NMR, MASS

Mannose, Galactose, Glucose are as a monosaccharide, the metabolic process is related to human diseases and is actively studied in the fields of Tumor, CNS, and Cell imaging.

Recent research trends have been active in label biochemical studies (Bioorthogonal Click Chemistry) in terms of metabolic glycoengineering

FutureChem Co., Ltd. has released 6 kinds of derivatives with the framework of [ManNAz, GalNAz, GlcNAz] in line with the latest trends.

- Metabolic glycan labeling : S-Glycosylation, neurons, CNS (central nervous systems)

- Cell imaging : Mesenchymal stromal cell, sialoglycoconjugate profiling

- Tumor : Coupling of immunostimulants to live cells, tumor vaccin, dendritic cell tumor vaccine

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