• FC-8901
Cat. No. Packing Size 가격 (Won) 수량
FC-8901-1 1g 62,000
FC-8901-5 5g 288,500
FC-8901-10 10g 536,000
FC-8901-25 25g 1,236,000
FC-8901-100 100g 4,635,000
5% Pd/on Alumino silicate
Synonyms WISCAT C5P
CAS number
Mol. Wt.
Appearance Gray powder

* 5% Pd/on Alumino silicate

* The WISCAT C5P is specialized in Suzuki coupling and showed very fast reaction rate, clean reaction and high yield.
* Suzuki coupling catalyst in aqueous solution
* Recovery by simple filtering from the reaction solution (>5 times recovery)

(Choose solvent and reaction conditions)

1. We recommend DMAc and water as a solvent. If it use THF, Dioxane, the reaction will show low yield.

* Under alcohol solvent, reaction is not proceed. Do not use alcohol as a solvent.

2. Under anhydrous conditions, reaction will show low reaction rate. It need air contact for fast rate and high yield.

3. It need to add base such as K2CO3, you can use K2CO3 at room temperature and reflux condition.

* If you return it after use, 10% of the returned amount will be replaced with a new one.

(Recovery method)

1. After use WISCAT C5P, wash DMAc or water

2. Dry under vacuum

* If alcohol should use for washing, should remove alcohol through washing with DMAc or water.

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