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80 [논문] Irreversible electroporation (IRE) for prostate cancer using PSMA PET-CT 관리자 작성일22.09.20 조회333
79 지대윤 퓨쳐켐 대표 "방사성의약품, 흑자 전환 변곡점… 시총 1兆 자신" 관리자 작성일22.07.28 조회627
78 전립선암 진단제 추가 임상3상 취하 '퓨쳐켐'...“약효 문제 때문 아냐, 걱정할 것 없다” 관리자 작성일22.07.28 조회596
77 퓨쳐켐, 전립선암 진단제 적응증 추가 임상 신청 자진 취하 관리자 작성일22.07.28 조회562
76 퓨쳐켐, 450억 규모 유‧무상증자 결정…"전립선암 치료제 임상자금 마련" 관리자 작성일22.07.07 조회641
75 [논문] Copper nitride nanoparticles supported on a superparamagnetic mesoporous microsphere for toxic-free click chemistry 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회687
74 [논문] Head-to-head comparison of 11C-PiB and 18F-FC119S for Aβ imaging in healthy subjects, mild cognitive impairment patients, and Alzheimer's disease patients 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회647
73 [논문] Synthesis and evaluation of 6-(3-[(18)F]fluoro-2-hydroxypropyl)-substituted 2-pyridylbenzothiophenes and 2-pyridylbenzothiazoles as potential PET tracers for ima… 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회655
72 [논문] Feasibility of Gd-Based prostate cancer targeted magnetic resonance agents using prostate specific membrane antigen 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회651
71 [논문] Preliminary PET Study of 18F-FC119S in Normal and Alzheimer's Disease Models. 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회651